Lead UX/UI Designer

Husband/Father/Hunter Gatherer/Designer/Star Wars Fan

Mobile Application

As a Designer, I love the challenge of designing mobile applications whether its a First-In-Class application, or its
a fairly simple time-keeping application for Retail associates.

Web/Mobile/Software and Reponsive Design

I like the challenge of designing and collaborating with team members to develop websites, software applications that are mobile and responsive to the device being utilized by the end user.

Showcase of My Work

Marketing Design

Presentation Design

With every project presentations are required for stakeholders and clients alike.

Email Design

Designing email campaigns is another part of my Marketing experience and skills.


Coming from a design background, Branding/Logo's and other Digital Design
requests are part of what I do regularly.

Freelance Design

I work as a Freelance Designer for big and small companies doing Marketing and anything Design related.

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